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We believe that businesses thrive when they focus on what they do best. We believe small and medium businesses across the UK should be able to outsource their customer service at an affordable price, without sacrificing standards, and whilst respecting the environment. We believe that Sentics Customer Care can be the solution.

We formed Sentics Customer Care in Cornwall during the global pandemic in early 2021. The pandemic had taught us that physical location was no longer the barrier it used to be. Technology and new working habits enabled more resilient business models. We could source the best talent across the world and do so at affordable prices to serve UK businesses.

We saw that many of our friends who ran small businesses were constantly having to be on the phone to customers and were worried that if they missed calls, they would be missing out on business. Sometimes this distracted their time from other parts of the business and made the work much more stressful. It was also damaging what should have been their family time. Many of these businesses were too small to hire full-time receptionists. We knew we could help. We recruited skilled customer care professionals, put them through rigorous assessment centres to get the best possible talent, and provided them with top-quality training. Through our model we can partner with your business to provide professional customer care to your customers to free up your valuable time. We can do this at affordable prices to help your business grow. We can do this whilst helping the environment.

Our Vision

Thousands of businesses have grown and realised their potential through our supporting partnership in providing excellent and affordable customer service. In doing so, our business will have a positive impact on the environment through using sustainable energy to power our work and through planting forests in the UK and Abroad through our partnership with clients.

Our Mission

To provide excellent customer care services on behalf of small and medium sized businesses at an affordable price, in an eco-friendly way.

Our Values

Our zeal to support businesses to grow through excellent customer service is driven by our core values below:

Empathy, Integrity, Fairness, Sustainability, Transparency & Accountability.  

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