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We provide the following services to help you conduct your business with ease:

Virtual Receptionist Services

At Sentics Customer Care, our Virtual Receptionists are experienced and well trained customer service professionals.

We provide designated virtual receptionists to small businesses who need support in handling inbound calls. The virtual receptionist services we offer ensure that all your calls are received by a small team of experienced and well-trained customer service professionals. Messages are taken and forwarded to you or the relevant members of your team based on your instructions.  We aim to make our packages simple and clear with pricing that covers most categories of business. As your business grows, our services can grow to meet your needs.

Features of our virtual receptionist services

Answering calls: We will answer calls on behalf of your business. We will provide a personalised service to customers through our live virtual receptionists who will help guide your customers when they call your business. Our virtual receptionists will be friendly, professional and are trained to put the minds of callers at ease.

Scheduling appointments: We will support businesses in scheduling appointments with customers making it easy for them to focus on other priorities.

Timely updates on the go:  we will provide a summary of each call immediately after the call. This means on the areas where you or your team need to come in, you can respond to clients in a timely manner and you will be up-to-date on the go.

Voicemail Box Included: Our current coverage is from 8am until 6pm but for those out-of-hours calls, don’t worry, our voicemail box is included.

Why choose our virtual receptionist services?

  • Affordable. The average receptionist salary in the UK is £19,700 a year (or £1,642 per month). Our virtual receptionist packages are considerably cheaper (see pricing). We work hard to ensure our prices remain as low as feasibly possible so we can help you keep your business operating costs lean. We do all this without compromising on quality.
  • Simple & transparent pricing: We have three simple packages. Our blue package is designed as supplement to your existing staffing. A call overflow to make sure your current or future customers never go unattended to. Our bronze package is designed for light business use but includes the full range of messages and scheduling. Next, our silver package is for those who want us to take over their normal call volumes and can cover many business types. Finally, our gold package is for those companies that want us to deal with regular heavy call volumes. We provide a free 30 day trial to help you try-out our service. During this period we can also provide an estimate based on your actual call volumes for which of the four packages is best value for your business needs. If you choose to go ahead there is a £35 set-up fee and you proceed onto your selected paid package.
  • Dedicated Virtual Receptionists: We will assign a dedicated team of virtual receptionists providing customers and clients with the familiarity that help build good relationships for your business. We will also provide you with a specific account manager you can reach out to if you need to change any of the instructions or update the service.
  • Build resilience into your operating model today. Unfortunately even the most reliable of staff can fall sick sometimes, emergencies can happen, and in routine time you may need help covering staff holidays. The continuity of customer care even in time of emergencies or pandemics is crucial and Sentics Customer Care can help give your business this resilience.
  • Timely response to customer inquiries. Our team are given a host of performance measures to ensure they are responding to your customer inquiries on time, accurately and to standard. We are confident our response rates will meet your needs.
  • Customisable plan options. If you need something more bespoke for your business then please get in contact with us today and arrange a consultation.

For more details on our virtual receptionist model please call on 0808 134 9563. Road-test our service with our 30 day free trial by completing our onboarding form.

Virtual Personal Assistant (Virtual PA)

Many small businesses can be burdened with admin tasks giving them less time to deal with other aspects of their business that will help them earn money & grow. Our virtual assistant services can ease your administrative burden. Sentics provides back- office support to small businesses including sole traders and individuals.  We have a dedicated pool of virtual admin assistants that can support your business in simple admin tasks such as call handling, data entry, customer, or client management support, diary management and internet research. All you need to do is fill in our onboarding form and we are set to go. No contracts required.

Why choose our Virtual Assistants?

First, we are affordable, reliable, and timely. Our dedicated team of virtual assistants will make work easier for you by dealing with those administrative tasks that you may find burdensome but are important for the running of your business. More importantly, we want to free up your time so that you and your team can focus on more critical aspects of your business that cannot be delegated. Sentics virtual assistants are more affordable than the average virtual assistants. You can get our services for as low as £16 pounds per hour. We also have flexible packages that can be tailored to suit your business needs.  Also, you can benefit from our integrated service that combines our telephone answering services with back-office admin support making your business look more professional. We can be your virtual head office and no contract required! Finally, we are eco-friendly as our team of virtual assistants use solar panels and we plant a tree for every onboarded client. Let’s work together to build your business in an eco-friendly way.  All you need is to tell us what you want, and we will do our best to deliver it for you.

We offer four virtual admin packages to meet your business needs. At Sentics Customer Care, we try and keep things as straight forward as possible. You pay monthly for our virtual admin package based on your selected package. There are no contracts to sign, and you can cancel anytime (with 14 days’ notice). We have four main packages that fit most businesses.  For more details, please get in touch with us today.

For more details on our virtual personal assistant model, please call on 0808 134 9563 or fill in the contact form below.

Sentics Privacy Policy is linked to below.

Our privacy policy is available to view here.

Virtual Contact Centre

We provide customer services to interested businesses who need our services. Our contact center provide the following key services:

Inbound call services: This will entail providing general customer care services by receiving incoming calls from potential or actual customers on behalf of companies or businesses.  Our call centers provide advice to customers on products or services on behalf of companies.  Our inbound call services can also support businesses in receiving and managing orders. In addition, we will receive and manage feedback on services and products being offered.

Complaints handling: We will provide complaint handling services to address customer challenges. Our complaint handling will ensure that complaints are handled in a timely manner. Our complaint handling process will be guided by our core values of respecting the customers, showing empathy towards the complainant, demonstrating integrity in handling customer complaints, ensuring fairness by being objective in handling of complaints, work with businesses to be accountable by addressing customers complaints in a timely manner and being transparent in the complaints handling process.

We can also provide:

Email services: Responding to customers’ requests, inquires or complaints by email.

Our contact service will provide various packages to suit our clients’ needs. Book a consultation with us now, and we will be able to customise our packages by tailoring it to your business needs.

2.1 Why should businesses choose our contact center?

Affordable: We offer affordable prices to businesses seeking to grow their businesses by providing quality customer care services to their clients

Personalised customer care services:  We will make your customers feel at home by assigning designated and dedicated virtual advisers address your customer needs. We will meet each customer according to their needs.

Quick and easy access to customer care services: We will ensure that your customers have quick and easy access to our services. We will do this by providing your customers with multiple technological platforms to enable them to choose their most comfortable option for reaching out to the contact center.

Timely response to customer care needs for your business: We will support you in responding to your customers needs in a timely manner.

To book a consultation, please fill in this form.

Sentics Privacy Policy is linked to below.

Our privacy policy is available to view here.

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