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We take pride in being a green / eco company. We have sustainability at the heart of our approach. To ensure we keep a low carbon footprint for our work and for our clients we take the following measures:

  1. We plant trees on behalf of every client, every month through our partnership with the Future Forest Company. The Future Forest company exist to remove CO2 at scale from the atmosphere, stop global warming, fight climate change and protect biodiveristy. The Future Forest Company have four sites for tree planting in Scotland and aim to plant 50 million trees in the UK by 2025.
  2. All our virtual receptionists work from home and are provided with solar panels to power their workstations.
  3. As our staff work from home there is no commute and no carbon emissions from getting to the office.

We would love to partner with your business and together we can help make a positive difference for our planet. Check out our 30 day free trial to test run our service. You’ll also be impressed at how affordable a virtual reception can be.

We have eco / sustainability at the heart of our approach to customer care.
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